refinish your railings in a contrasting stain and make them pop

Here we had a customer with beautiful wood railings that were showing their age. Here is a great example of using a contrasting colour within a room.

It can be tempting to match too many things when you’re planning and shopping. Have you ever walked into someones kitchen that had really nice dark cabinets but it felt too much? Contrasting colours within the room is one of the secrets to great design.

This client chose a light stain to showcase the railings and  lightens the entire entrance. The results speak for themselves.

Brand new fixtures can instantly update your bathroom.

Winter can be a great time to finish some of the jobs inside your home. Here we replaced the toilet and sink with brand new units. We were able to make arrangements to have this work scheduled to be completed for a Saturday morning. Let us know how we can help and we’ll do our best!

Here you can see we used nice stainless steel 3 inch deck screws to mount the steel toilet flange repair ring.

Here is why we ask you to send pictures. Check this out!

With the price of fuel, it really helps REDUCE THE PRICE if you send pictures to us like this customer did.

Instead of driving to your house to look at the job, it’s much better for you to send in a photo. We can take a look and give you a simple sketch like the second photo.

Usually, we are able to plan out the entire job over email. That way, when we show up at your house, we have all everything in the truck and we start working right away.



Get the fumes out. Don’t settle for a recirculating range hood for your kitchen.

Adding a nice new range hood to your kitchen can be one of the most dramatic items in the room. The stove is obviously one of the focal points of any kitchen.

Air quality has never been more important. We are not experts on air quality or the effectiveness of recirculating range hoods.

Cooking creates smoke and other things that are not good to breathe. Venting those harmful substances directly outside, away from our families, seems like the best option.

Here you can see a temporary work platform with guard rail. First we marked out the location of the new vent and drilled a pilot hole from the inside. Then we begin cutting the 6 inch diameter hole for the vent from the outside. In the picture below, the vent will be installed between the two windows.

Keep your chainsaw tuned up so it’s ready to go BEFORE the tree comes down.

You knew the storm was coming. It came just the same. Now it’s the morning after. All your neighbours are busy buzzing their chainsaws to remove all the trees and limbs left all over their yards.

If your chainsaw isn’t ready to go when you need it – forget about it. Take the time each season to do a check over on your critical machines. It only takes a few little plastic filters and a few screws. Maybe a carb kit and a spark plug. If not, well, it’s basically just a paper weight if your neighbour has to come over and use his saw right?

It’s always wise to seek the help of a professional plumber when it’s anything more than a simple fix.

When you are looking to repair your home, you have to decide who will perform the repair. There are times when you can do it yourself. There are times when you can call a handyman.

When you are dealing with plumbing, there are professional plumbers that are great at what they do. Call them and hire them to do what they’re great at. Here, we were able to do the concrete floor repairs after the plumbers installed a nice new floor drain in this laundry room.

Don’t cut corners on things like this. There are reasons why trades like electricians and plumbers are licensed. More importantly, they will do a much better job.


Exterior doors are one of the best upgrades for your home.

You walk through your front door everyday. It opens and closes thousands of times. It keeps all the rain and snow out. Your door keeps all your heat inside your home. Your door keeps your family safe and keeps the bad guys out.

Your exterior doors are also considered to be one of the biggest items that can influence curb appeal. In other words, if you want your home to really pop, look at upgrading the entrances to your home.

Here we had a customer go all out and replace all of their exterior doors in one shot and the results speak for themselves. It practically feels like a new house just by changing the front door.

Here is the original solid wood front door.

Here is the original back door going to the patio.

Here you can see a simple temporary tarp wall we set up to keep the heat inside the house. It’s the middle of January in this photo.

The third and final door was in a standard eight inch concrete block wall.

Trust your repair man: Know when to repair versus replace things at your house.

Here we had a customer ask for a new door to replace their mangled storm door. The wind had obviously caught the door and ripped it from the frame which is very common. It kind of says it in the name “storm” door for a reason.

Anyways, the customer expected a large bill to install a new fancy storm door. We were able to track down the original colour matched parts from the manufacturer within a very short time.

We were able to repair the door for under $200. A brand new storm door would likely be over $1000 installed depending on the model.


Everyone wins when the job is finished properly the safe way.

There are lots of points to consider when you decide it’s time for some home repairs. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Is this a job you can do yourself?

If you’re thinking about doing the work yourself, one of your biggest concerns might be how to do the job safely.

Whenever you are working at any height, there is a risk. You need to decide for yourself what the best option is for your situation.

Don’t be that person working off of a ladder. If you aren’t sure what is safe, put the extension ladder away for emergencies. Go get some scaffolding or call someone who does scaffolding. Don’t risk your safety to save a few bucks.

Here we were able to set up scaffolding, strip out all the old caulking on the higher parts of this chimney and apply new sealant.