patio slab leveling and drainage tile work

Many people have patio slabs that are in less than desirable condition. Many people have patio slabs that have been placed directly on the ground, with large spaces between. Many patio slabs have shifted over time and have weeds growing up.

Every project is different depending on several factors but for this house here is what we did.

First the old patio slabs were carefully pried up and stored nearby for re-installation.

With the patio slabs out of the way, some rough grade work is done to level the general shape of the pathway and get things level from side to side for the next stage.

Part of the problem for this house, was the eavestrough downspout runs into the garden to the left. This is great for the garden and usually is a great solution but during the winter months, the water cannot flow into the frozen ground and flows over the old patio slabs which had sunken into the ground.

Obviously this would create a very slippery situation with water melting off the roof in the winter sun and freezing on the patio slabs in the night.

With a layer of gravel under the patio slabs, water will be able to run underneath the slabs to the other garden.

In addition, we installed a 12 foot section of 4 inch drainage tile to redirect water under the path to the garden on the right.


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