exterior sealing for drafts and pests

Many houses have plenty of cracks and gaps where drafts and pests can enter your home.

Here you can see the intersection of a wall from a bedroom addition to the main building. All of these seams from the siding and roof trim offer plenty of cracks for drafts and pests to enter.

Here you can see that up close the siding isn’t quite sealed. Even the smallest crack can create a super highway for wasps or ants.

Here is an attic vent that has been installed over the top of the siding. While there are much better solutions, sometimes the most cost effective one is the best one.

Here is a seam on the top of the attic vent that will always be a source of leakage.

Foam backing rod is inserted into all the cracks and then the siding was screwed down with roofing screws for this application. After the siding was secured, premium exterior clear sealant was applied to completely seal the joint.

Similarly, the ribs of the siding don’t quite seal along the edge that meets the soffit. Small chunks of foam backer rod and clear sealant were applied to all of the seams here too.

This repair is very cost effective and will look much better with a bit of touch up paint. A small slot was cut into the siding so that the vent could be slid under. This makes it impossible for water to run in behind the vent. The vent was screwed down with roofing screws and sealed too.

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