small basement reno – tile floors, trim work and finishing touches

Here was a small basement renovation we were helping to finish up. The customer had most of the work finished by another contractor and we were taking care of some finishing touches.

We needed to replace the drop ceiling tiles, do tile flooring and finish the trim work for this area which included both sides of three doorways.

Once the old ceiling was re-installed, the floor tile layout could begin.

With everything in place, the tile work begins.

Here you can see a small utility access door that swings open to gain entry to the furnace. Take the time to plan things out so doors, cupboards and drawers still open and close properly after the tiles are installed.

And here is right after the grout has been applied.

The door leading to the laundry room needed new jambs and all three doors got trim on both sides.

Then baseboards were installed.

And some nice durable aluminium floor transitions between the laundry room and between the hardwood.

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