rental repairs when the sink falls off

Are you a landlord that needs things fixed at your rental property?

The bathroom sink had fallen off in this rental. Luckily, nothing was damaged and we were able to re-secure the sink properly with solid supports.

First we supported the sink so we weren’t going to damage the counter or sink while we removed the old adhesive. A small bucket and a speed clamp turned backwards make a great lift for sinks like this.

Then we removed the drain pipe and uninstalled the drain assembly from the sink itself. We needed room to be able to lower the sink enough to perform the repair.

With the sink supported lower, we could easily pull and scrape off the old silicone adhesive.

With the old adhesive completely cleaned off, we cut 4 pieces of 1×4 solid wood to support the sink from the inside of the vanity.

Finally, we can apply a new bead of premium sink adhesive. Don’t cut corners and cheap out. The entire weight of the sink was only held up by a single bead of regular clear silicone without any brackets at all.

We selected a premium bathroom adhesive specifically for bonding sinks to quartz, granite and similar counter tops. Don’t cheap out – apply the proper product.

To ensure this sink never comes loose again, we installed the 1X3 supports firmly up against the underside of the sink.

All finished!

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