dryer vent and wash tower installations

Did you just purchase a brand new appliance but need help installing it?


Here I’m installing a brand new wash tower and a new vent to the outside for the dryer.

First, I need to make a hole in the wall for the dryer vent.

To start, I trace the wires from the outlets in that room and scan for other wires that may be inside the wall. 

Then I drill a small pilot hole through the drywall and use a small inspection camera to ensure there is no plumbing or other items where I want to install the dryer vent.

Once I’m sure the location I’ve chosen is clear for a dryer vent, I can decide what tool is best to cut the hole.

This depends on what materials your inside and exterior walls are constructed out of.

Sometimes I’m using concrete drills and diamond blades to cut through brick. In this case, the house was standard vinyl siding with two layers of one inch solid decking for sheathing.

You can tape a piece of cardboard to the bottom of a jigsaw like this so the siding doesn’t get scratches or smudge marks from the saw base plate.


And here is the finished dryer vent from the outside.

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