microwave range hood and vent installations

Every installation has its own unique challenges. Here I’m installing a brand new microwave range hood including a new vent to the outside.

After reading the manufacturer’s installation instructions, I carefully mark out the location of the holes for the mounting bracket. Here I’ll be drilling through tile backsplash so I used a hammer drill with masonry bits. Go slowly and lightly to avoid chipping tiles and keep the bit wet and cool to drill the best holes.

Once the mounting bracket had been installed properly, I needed to carefully cut two holes in the cabinets above for the range hood vent.

For this installation, the range hood was vented through the attic to an exterior wall.

Once the hole is drilled, the vent and pipe can be installed. Take the time to tape and caulk your seams and gaps for the best result.

Here you can see all the fumes and smoke from this kitchen will be vented well away from the homeowners.

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