Shed With Wood Base

Many people already know how great it is to own a nice sturdy shed.

Spend time planning out the location and elevation of your deck blocks before you start. Notice the drainage swale running under this shed.

Start with the 4 corner deck blocks and just place your lumber without fastening. Adjust your deck blocks with gravel or digging until they are square and level. You can add the centre deck blocks after and shim to fit.

It makes sense to use 2X6 pressure treated joists spaced 12″ O.C. for most sheds.

You can save yourself a lot of work if you eliminate cutting by using full sheets of plywood and full lengths of lumber wherever you can. You also eliminate the need to paint the cut ends of wood with wood preservative.

Take the time to set up a nice work area and organize the parts so you can see everything. It only takes 2 minutes to set up a couple sawhorses with some planks and it makes assembling individual shed components so much easier.

Plan out each step on every job and you will have better results. Some simple braces really can help hold the walls for you. Get creative!

Plan out where your doors will swing in advance so they won’t block a window for example. Here you can see a gas meter which also needs to be accessed year round.

Getting to decide where you are going to store everything in your new shed is the fun part!

Most sheds like this allow you to reconfigure the interior shelving as many times as you’d like with simple tools.

Looks like this shed was put up just in time for winter! Enjoy!


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