Recaulking a Bathroom Tub

Recaulking your shower or tub isn’t rocket science but it’s not always an easy job.

90% of the job is removing the old caulking. This step can’t be overlooked since the new caulking just won’t stick if there is any old caulking, soap scum, water or other debris.

You must carefully scrape and peel out all of the old caulking first. A proper caulking removal tool is a must in order to really get the old sealant off without damaging the tub surface.

How do you know when to replace your caulking? When water gets behind the caulking it often discolours and gets grey/black spots. You can also use your fingernail to try peeling the edges of the caulking. If it’s no longer stuck to the surface, it’s not sealing out water and needs replacing.

You might need some chemicals to help peel the caulking off so just cover your drain with something and let everything fall into the tub.

After the caulking has been removed, dry all the surfaces thoroughly. This is another very important step and it’s easy to miss a bit of moisture so it’s best to let it air dry after wiping.

Now you’re finally ready to apply the new caulking.


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