Dryer Vent Install & Relocate

This customer wants to reconfigure their laundry room to add a nice laundry counter area in the room.

The first step is to install a new dryer vent and seal up the old vent so that the dryer can be moved to allow room for the counter.

Here you can see where the new dryer vent was installed between floor joists.

Tip: take your time marking everything out on small jobs like this to prevent any headaches.

It’s very important to always follow the manufacturers instructions. For example, these zip ties are provided with this vent kit for a reason. Using self tapping screws here will snag lint that will need constant cleaning. Using the wrong products here could present a fire hazard. Don’t rush small jobs. Even small jobs can have big consequences if not completed properly.

Here is what we were left with after the old vent was removed outside. It’s important to use the best caulking and sealants available – period.

Here is a suitable solution to block the exterior sheathing where the old vent passed through.

New vent on the left. Old vent covered with siding behind garden plant.


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